About ME

My name is Jill Collins. I am a Florida native with a Filipino background. I am crazy about photography and capturing sweet moments that make life so special. My love for photography started between the age of 10 and 13 (thanks to my dad and grandpa) and has been a passion of mine ever since. I could not ask to do anything better!


I am a Jesus lover and have a special place in my heart for evangelism and missions. I live to serve/love others and to know/love God more. I am a people person who desires community, fellowship, and intimate relationships. I love meeting new people and find beauty in how different and unique each of us are. I absolutely love traveling around the world, camera in hand, learning about others, myself, life, and taking in all the feels of God's perfect design.


I have the best husband in the entire world. My Jake. He is my number one supporter, teammate, encourager, and best friend. I could NOT do things that I do and love the way I love without him. I am so thankful to God for him and the life He has given us to glorify His name.

MY Love



  • Mondays are spent resting or adventuring with my husband

  • I am an outdoor/water/adventure/ traveling/adrenaline/fun junkie

  • I spend each week with around a hundred different kids from all over the world

  • I am a foodie, dessert especially :) This is my favorite part about traveling... apart from taking photos! I am addicted to Thai Tea and Smoothie King

  • In our free time, we like to have people over, cook, and play games